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Textie with ChatGPT can create exactly the text you want you ask for. The only limit is your imagination.

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Textie implements many AI tools to offer You one ecosystem for all of Your tasks to make your work not only faster, but also better. Under one roof.


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Frequently Asked Question on Chat with AI

ChatGPT is a chatbot with artificial intelligence. It can respond to various questions, provide information and help people solve problems. Its functions include answering questions, providing making recommendations, playing games and more. It is an effective tool, that can help people get quick and reliable answers to their questions and solutions to the problems they are having.
ChatGPT is based on an artificial intelligence technology called GPT-3, which allows the chatbot to understand questions, search for relevant information and provide answers. The chatbot has a huge database of data at its disposal, which allows it to better understand the context of the conversation and present the right answers.
When a user enters a query, ChatGPT breaks the sentence into parts and tries to find relevant information in the database. It then selects an appropriate answer based on the classification it performs. If the chatbot does not know how to answer the question, it may ask the user for further specifications to better understand the request.
Yes, ChatGPT is powered by the latest technology data security and has strict rules in place to protect users' personal data in accordance with applicable regulations and rules. All chat conversations are encrypted and stored only for the time necessary to allow ChatGPT to to function properly. Any information you provide is kept secure and not shared with third parties.
Yes, the chatbot is only available to Textie subscribers. On prices of the packages can be found on the pricing page.
Although the ChatGPT is equipped with high-end protection mechanisms and in the vast majority of cases the answers are correct, you should be aware that any chatbot that processes questions users may be prone to inaccuracies and errors in interpretation of the text. It is therefore important to be careful and always remember check the accuracy of the answers you receive.
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